Laura Meeks is a fun, evocative, and enthusiastic speaker who
delights in presenting inspirational talks to groups of all sizes.

Laura is the author of “Dream On! Timeless Strategies to Reignite Your Passion For Life”. Her work is designed to help people change their lives and bring their unique gifts to the world.

She has a long life of experiences to bring to her work. She spent a career in the USAF as a bomber pilot and has flown all over the world. She has created and been a co-owner of a multimillion dollar consulting company, and now she brings her experience as a trained and certified life coach into the mix. Laura also brings to life the challenges she has faced as a transgender woman who has been joyously married for 30 yrs.

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If you or your organizations are facing a change, this is the woman to talk to. She has reinvented her career and her life in dramatic ways and loves to share ways you or your organization can deal with change.