I Love My Life Package

“I Love My Life” Personal Growth Package


You can now order the complete “I Love My Life” personal growth package and start living the life you will LOVE living for only $47!

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The “I Love My Life” Personal Growth Package Includes:

Dream On! Timeless Strategies to Reignite Your Passion for Life This 175 page eBook reveals all the secrets to your “DREAMS”. It covers it all in 6 chapters:
Discovering your Dreams
Realizing you Dreams
Energizing your Dreams
Activating your Dreams
Mind – The use of the mind and your Dreams
Strange- How to deal when life gets strange!

The Video Accelerator Series In this series I guide you through the key ideas in each chapter of the book. I have picked out the thoughts and skills that will move you ahead in the material quickly and smoothly. Watch these first then fill in the details from the actual book materials.
Companion Toolbox This is a downloadable workbook that gives you the space to work the exercises outlined in the book. It keeps all your learning and thoughts in one place. No need to keep loose papers or binders when all the key exercises in the book have space here to work.


Lay Person’s Guide to Law of Attraction

An eBook written by Laura Meeks to provide an easy summary of what the Law of Attraction is, where it came from, why we care, and how to use its power.

Guided Meditations

MP3’s helping you listen to your own body talking to you. Includes pain reduction meditation, mindfulness meditations and more.

The Clarity List

Often clients have a hard time starting the dream building process. This list shows the 25 most common longings and discontents I see. It is a great aid in finding a starting spot.